08 January, 2016

Beginning Oracle Application Express 5 is OUT!

After a few grueling months, late nights, long weekends and some cursing into my sleeve, it’s finally out.

Beginning Oracle Application Express 5 is the updated version of the book which not only includes an all new guided tour of the APEX 5 Page builder, but also takes you through developing an entire system from soup to nuts. 

My thanks to all the people at A-Press for being patient while the initial versions of APEX 5 were still being released. (FYI - Writing a book against beta and early adopter versions isn’t the smartest decision!). Also thanks to my technical reviewer Warren Capps. Again he was an invaluable resource and caught things that I would not have thought about.

I hope that this book helps not only guide those new to Oracle APEX, but also helps some of those that want to get fast tracked on APEX 5.0.

The book can be found at the APRESS Site or on Amazon.